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We will meet with you to establish a scope of works for the project and develop a client brief. The brief will outline the specifics of your project and will provide a guiding basis for all design decisions. A fee proposal will be generated after establishing the brief, as every project is unique.

Once approved, we then commence putting our creative minds to the generation of a preliminary concept design. This will include the provision of mood boards, conceptual imagery, preliminary finishes selections and 3D visuals that will convey our ideas for the look and feel of your project.


Following approval of the concept design, we look closely at the finer detail of your project and evolve the design further. We work with local contractors to generate a budget for your project, for client consideration.

We request fee proposals from and assist you to engage sub-consultants appropriate to the scope of each project, this may include engineering consultants, compliance certifiers, structural engineers and graphic designers.

Preliminary documentation and further refinement of 3D visuals, finishes, fixtures and furniture selections, will be presented for client comment and approval throughout this process.


All details, finishes, fixtures, lighting and furniture selections are finalised, in line with the design intent and project budget. Comprehensive finishes and fixtures schedules are completed.

A detailed documentation package is produced, for client approval and for sending on to contractors for firm pricing or tender. Consultant documentation is also coordinated within this final package, including any relevant information as required for contractors to submit compliance certification and building permit applications. Construction documentation will be issued to the appointed contractor.


After pricing or tenders are reviewed and approved, we can assist you to engage the preferred contractor to construct your project. The head contractor will also generate a construction programme. Liaison with authorities and compliance consultants, as appointed by the head contractor, to coordinate approvals and building permit applications will also form part of this stage.

If we have been engaged for contract administration throughout the projects construction on site, then our involvement will include site visits, answering contractor queries and resolution of any issues that may arise, on site and including reviewing contractor variation requests or providing additional information where necessary. Our involvement through this process will ensure the design is delivered to the best possible outcome.

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